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Who we are

Our vision is to create a global educational platform where people can engage on academic issues. We want to redefine how education is delivered by integrating it with state of the art technology. A high standard of education accessible to everyone is our goal, we strive to positively impact and improve the lives of billions around the world as we grow.The team behind Teach9 have a range of backgrounds – graduates and post docs, technologists, consultants and successful entrepreneurs, working together to build Teach9 into a global technology driven educational platform. Having worked in the education sector, and combing 1000s of hours of tutoring under our belt, we understand the bespoke nature of students’ needs, and work tirelessly to address them.

We may all have different backgrounds, but we all have in common a passion for furthering education, not just for the few, but for the many. We strongly believe in high quality education for all, no matter your background or location, at Teach9 we strive to provide every person an equal potential to progress.

What we Offer

We offer one-one online tuition with our Power By The Minute service, providing all the tools and features needed for effective online tuition, with the best tutors. All at flexible and affordable ‘pay as you learn’ rates. Teach9 is more than a company – it’s a community with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for learning.


Technology drives us forward in our thinking, we are constantly researching ways to implement the latest technological advancement into the classroom and learning environment to better learning and innovation for students and teachers alike.

We have exciting projects underway which we’re excited to soon be sharing. Bringing virtual reality and artificial intelligence into our thinking, we will be implementing useful innovative technology into our platforms in the near future.


The five key pillars are the foundations of the Teach9 online community, the brand values we and our tutors live by.

five key pillars
  • Quality of Experience
  • Commitment to learning
  • passion
  • accessibility
  • technology

We are a pioneering start-up company who connect students, tutors and families through our broad range of edu-tech applications. Our experience as a team informs our insight into the education sector, and our commitment to improving accessibility to learning is shaped through the prism of technology that students and tutors utilize, as much as it is developed by the community of students, peers and mentors.

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